How can I defeat the Caretaker?

During the quest “Scenes From a Marriage” you meet a pretty creepy and hostile guy identified just as Caretaker. This boss has some pretty annoying abilities, the worst ones being at least two different ways to heal himself.

I didn’t do well against this one, he really punishes any mistakes I make by healing himself. I didn’t manage to make a large dent into his health pool before he was able to heal again.

What are the weaknesses of the Caretaker? Which oil should I use for my sword? Any particular tactics that work well for him?


No panic, this monster is beatable as all the others. Keep in mind these things:

  1. Use Quen all the time, when using it Caretaker will not suck your life and heal himself.
  2. Always move and dodge from his attacks, Caretaker has a pattern so just learn that, when he charges to hit the ground, dash from him, then to him and start attacking because he will be stuck, but not too long, when you see blue flash, get back from him.
  3. In the middle of the fight he summons spirits. Kill them as fast as you can because they will heal him.
  4. use Igni and Grapeshot bombs just in between dodging.
  5. If you have oil – he is a Relic so use Relic oil on him
  6. He is susceptible to Northern Wind (the bomb that freezes opponents). Use this especially when he has low health to prevent him from healing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mad Scientist , Answer Author : Community

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