How can I deliver goods to towns?

I have a problem transporting the goods from the factory to the town. I order the truck to go to the truck station after collecting all the goods from the factory but nothing happens.


The station has to accept goods:

enter image description here

To do that it has to have enough commercial town buildings within its catchment area (it doesn’t matter that the whole town has enough, the individual buildings must be near the station!) to generate a full demand of goods.

This Small Office Building, for example, only provides one eighth of a goods need.
enter image description here

While this Highrise Commercial building provides one half (four eighths).
enter image description here

There has to be enough buildings of this nature within a station’s catchment area for the total goods demand to be at least one whole.

These buildings appear much more frequently in larger towns and cities, and tend to be clustered near the centre of the town – and again, your station must have them within it’s catchment area for this to work.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mark , Answer Author : DMA57361

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