How can I determine my horse’s attributes (speed, endurance, etc.) in Red Dead Redemption?

It’s hard to weigh the merits of buying a horse when I have no idea how they compare to the one I already have. Am I missing something?


There are only three horses worth investing in.

  • Kentucky Saddler (avg speed, avg damage resistance)
  • Hungarian Half-Bred (slower speed, higher damage resistance)
  • American Standardbred (faster speed, lower damage resistance)

The speed and damage resistance noted are in relation to each other, when comparing these horse to any other in the game all three have higher speed and damage resistance.

Screenshots of the different horses allow you to determine which one you currently have because all the horses of a certain breed have the same color patterns, or you can compare what’s in the store to what you have.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jaydles , Answer Author : Tharius

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