How can I earn kills with Hanzo’s Scatter Arrow?

Hanzo is an interesting character in Overwatch. He’s a sniper, but he fills a different niche from the more traditional sniper. To compliment his bow-driven gameplay, one of his abilities is Scatter Arrow – an arrow that explodes on impact to a bunch of smaller arrows. This is a powerful ability, and used right it can 1-shot many of the lower health characters (I know from being on the receiving end).

The problem I have with Scatter Arrow is that I seem to be aiming it wrong. I’m just aiming it at bodies, but I’ve done very disappointing damage with it so far. It also has a long enough cooldown that I’m not sure when I should be trying to use it. How am I supposed to use this ability to earn kills?


Shoot the ground directly in front of the opponent. Since its a scatter effect it will work best against big targets. It’s a little tricky to do, as the idea is that the arrow will impact the ground so close to the opponent that all the scattered arrows don’t have a chance to go into anywhere else. I would recommend loading up the training grounds and trying it on the training dummies to get a feel for how it works.

Edit: Here’s a crude drawing of what you’re trying to do. The red line is the scatter arrow. It’s like you’re firing a shotgun shell at the point of impact so the closer the impact point, the more effective it is.

Crude drawing of what it looks like

Source : Link , Question Author : two bugs , Answer Author : Son of a Sailor

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