How can I explode the truck in front of Diamond City entrance without turning people hostile?

I set myself a goal long ago when I started playing Fallout 4 vanilla that I would explode every vehicle and every explosive item on the map.

I have blown up canisters of gas. I have blown up the small blue and red zip cars. I have blown up pickups, vans, convertibles, big and small. I have blown up trucks. I have blown up things under water. I have blown up unreachable vehicles on top of roads that you cant go to.

But what irks me the most is the truck in front of Diamond city. I can’t seem to find a way to blow it up without making the entire area hostile. I have timed it that every guard is away from the area and blown it up but still causing everyone to turn hostile.

Is there a way to blow it up without turning everyone hostile in that area?


You can try calling a Vertibird nearby.

NPC characters have a much shorter spawn range than vehicles. A Vertibird will let you get the range you need and blow up the truck without any NPCs nearby.

Of course, save the game before trying, but I’ve shot up vehicles near known NPC locations and have never accidentally killed anyone.

Source : Link , Question Author : fja3omega , Answer Author : Nelson

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