How can I find Marin?

I just opened the entrance to the last dungeon and realized I don’t have the first Ocarina song, so I tried to find Marin:

  • Last time I saw it, it was right before entering the desert.
  • Not found on Mabe village, nobody in her house.
  • Not found on Animal village, I’ve never seen her singing there.

After this I found her again on the broken bridge, near the last dungeon, but could not get the missing Ocarina song.

I saw this question and realized I did not have the Pineapple before entering the desert, if that could mean something…

How can I get the first Ocarina song I’m missing?


If you refer to dungeon 8 “Turtle Rock” with saying you opened the last dungeon, you should just finish the dungeon.
For me she was back in Mabe village after finishing the dungeon.

I wanted to talk to her to say my last good bye before waking the Windfish, so i am sure about it.

The Pineapple is for the trade sequence of the game, which does contribute to the story as well but is not needed until the very end.

The last Item you get from the trade sequence will help you find the code you need to traverse the windfish egg.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nanoc , Answer Author : Roybin93

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