How can I find Pokemon using the “sightings” feature?

With this new “sightings” feature, supposedly you see pokemon that are near you.

When they are no longer near, they should disappear from that list, returning when you move back in range.

Now, how can I use that information to find the pokemon in that list?


There’s been a rather good post about how the sightings work on reddit, whereas I will summarize what’s written there. Nevertheless, credits go to the OP ‘Zakrael’.

For the following steps take this image, which is also contained in above mentioned reddit post.A visualization on how to the sightings feature may be used

  1. You see a Pokemon, say following the reddit post, a Pidgey, in your sightings list. Let’s call this Point A. Up until now, you know just that the Pidgey is within 200m of your current position A.
  2. Walk straight ahead until the Pidgey disappears from your sighting’s list. Note this Point, hereby called ‘B’, as accurate as possibly somewhere as you’ll need it later.
  3. Make a 180° turn-a-round and walk again until the Pidgey will disappear from your sightings list, this Point we will call C.
  4. Now make a line between Point B and C, mark the exact midpoint D and go to this Point D. Once you’re at position D, you can either go right or left (relatively to the line of BC).
  5. Say you turned left and the Pidgey has disappeared again from your sightings list, you eventually landed on Point E and therefore you took the wrong direction. Turn 180°, walk straight ahead until you encounter that Pidgey.

Keep in mind thought that Pokemon will stay spawned for approx. 15 minutes, so if you take too long, the Pidgey might have despawned and therefore all the work has been useless.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mindwin , Answer Author : scenia

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