How can I fix pollution?

My city has developed a bit of a ground pollution and a water pollution problem.

enter image description here

In other similar games, you can mitigate the effects of pollution by planting trees, among other things. What can I do in Cities: Skylines to reduce the impact and spread of pollution, or even reverse existing pollution entirely?


There is no (official) evidence yet that ground pollution can be removed. However, some users reported that pollution might disappear after a while. Still, other sources report that removing ground pollution isn’t possible. You can remove any water pollution by placing water recycling plants which are unlocked at a population of 16.000. It will take some time then, but your water pollution will fade away.

You can always change your industry to forestry or agricultural to reduce ground pollution. Place your industry and pollutive buildings far away from your residential area to increase the global health.

It seems like you have an ordinary (generic) industry complex in your city, at least that’s what I see on your screenshot. That’s not unusual.

Source : Link , Question Author : kalina , Answer Author : Zerotime

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