How can I get more information on Miscellaneous quests in Skryim once they are in my journal?

I am accumulating a pile of Miscellaneous quests in my journal, and can’t seem to figure out how to refresh my memory on what each one entails. For example, there is one that is something like “Visit Aventus Aretino”, which I recall had something to do with the Dark Brotherhood, but the entry in my journal seems limited to just the words “Visit Aventus Aretino” with no other context. I am accustomed to just accepting side quests willy nilly and getting to them when I am ready or when opportunity strikes (say I am in the same city where a handful of side quests start). Now I have at least a dozen of them piled up with very little information available in-game on what they are about.

How can I get more info on these side quests from within the game? I am having to resort to consulting the internet to refresh my memory on each of these side quests. In other RPGs the “journal” feature provides much more context, and I am pretty sure Oblivion did as well.


I don’t think that there is any additional information in the quest journal about Miscellaneous quests (that is, specifically the quests that get filled under the “Miscellaneous” category in the journal). The one line in the journal is all you get.

(Which, yes, is a surprising choice on Bethesda’s part. Most RPGs will give you a paragraph or two about any quest in the journal, but Skyrim seemingly doesn’t for Miscellaneous quests.)

However, if you’ve forgotten the context of the quest (which, as you point out, is very easy to do), you can always turn on quest tracking for that individual quest. Make sure that quest tracking is turned on for the Miscellaneous category as a whole (in the left column), and then turn on quest tracking for the individual quest in the right-hand list. (And maybe turn off quest tracking for other quests.)

Also, don’t forget that you can select a Miscellaneous quest and get a map location for that quest.

These will let you at least find the person, place, or thing for that quest, even if you can’t recall why or what you need to do with them. In almost all cases, what you need to do becomes clear when you get to the person, place, or thing.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pat James , Answer Author : Bill Tomlinson

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