How can I get more of each evolution stone?

In Pokemon X, most of the evolution stone I find are items lying on the ground, but there don’t seem to be nearly enough to evolve every evolution chain. Which stones can I get more of, and how can I get them?


You can get some from the Secret Super Training levels.

From Serebii’s Guide to Super Training:

If you are using a Pokémon who has got maximum Effort Values, you will gain access to Secret Super Training. [snip] …these games give you more than just bags for core training, they also have a chance of giving you rare items. These items range from items such as Clever Wing, to evolution stones. [snip] You can also get various healing items, items such as Stardust and hold items such as Hard Stone.

Apparently they are rare and depend on how well you compete.
Rom016 has been doing some of these, and it appears that the drops are not based on how well you compete. They do still appear to be rare, however.

  • The Troubles Keep On ComingWing Items
  • The Leaf Stone Cup Begins!Leaf Stone
  • The Fire Stone Cup Begins!Fire Stone
  • The Water Stone Cup Begins!Water Stone
  • Follow Those Fleeing Goals!Thunder Stone
  • Watch Out! That’s One Tricky Second HalfDusk Stone
  • An Opening of Lightning-Quick Attacks!Shiny Stone
  • These Long Shots Are No Long ShotDawn Stone
  • Scatterbug Lugs BackWings
  • A Barrage of BitbotsWings
  • Drag Down Hydreigon – *Moon Stone, Sun Stone**
  • The Battle for the Best: Version X/YAll of the above

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