How can I get my party member “in range”?

Every time I’ve entered combat in Legend of Grimrock, I find that the party member in my third slot (3) can’t attack.

Every time I try and attack I’m met with the message “Can’t Reach!” I’ve tried swapping him out with the party member in my second slot (who I thought was using a longer weapon), but that just makes the character I swapped with unable to reach the enemy.

How can I ensure all of my party members are able to attack?


Party members in the back row cannot attack enemies, unless:

  1. They’re wielding a melee weapon that’s labelled as a “Reach Weapon”, e.g one of the spears those skellingtons drop.
  2. They’re a Rogue with 12 points in the Assassination skill, which lets them attack from the back row.
  3. They’re not wielding melee weapons, but are using ranged weapons (like rocks, bows & arrows, throwing knives, or spells)

So, in order to make sure all your party members can attack: put spear-shakers or rock-hurlers in the back row, and bare fists or melee weapons in the front.

If you had a character in the back row with a Reach Weapon who still couldn’t reach an enemy, then something weird is going on; maybe the enemy was too far away in general? There might be some more mechanics involving Reach Weapons (like maybe a character in the front with a spear can attack at a greater distance than normal) that could be giving you the wrong impression about effective weapon ranges.

Source : Link , Question Author : Niro , Answer Author : Tacroy

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