How can I get rid of a bounty and keep my stolen items?

I was screwing around in skyrim and accidently got caught lockpicking something. I have a habbit of stealing tons of stuff so if I pay bounty, or go to jail, I lose most of my stuff. The only way I’ve managed to get out of it so far is to either pay 100 gold or so because I’m a member of the Thieves Guild, or resist arrest and escape the city. Is there a way, like in oblivion, where you can pay someone to get rid of the bounty for you, where I could keep my stolen items?


In Whiterun, I had a small bounty (5). Once I was bestowed a title by the Jarl for killing a dragon, I was able to flaunt my title to a guard to get him to waive my bounty.

You can get a perk in speech that allows you to bribe guards so you don’t have your goods taken from you.

You can also go to the guard barracks of whatever town you’re in and in the basement is a chest with your stolen stuff in it.

You can also buy a house and stash it there or give all your stolen stuff to a follower then go to jail.

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