How can I get something like Dwarf Therapist running on a Mac?

I’m quickly losing track of my dwarven brothers because there are so many of them and their names have nothing to do with their jobs.

I want to use something like Dwarf Therapist on my mac, but the latest version that Mac Manager supports is like 0.28 and I’m playing the latest version.

Wine doesn’t open Dwarf Therapist, so I’m wondering if anyone knows how to get it or something similar working on a mac short of running a Virtual Machine.


Someone is currently porting Dwarf Therapist to OS X. Right now it works, but has lots of bugs, and is a little hard to install if you aren’t familiar with working on the command line. It is separate from the official Dwarf Therapist, but when more bugs get worked out, it will be merged. If you can get it to work, it will be much better than running through wine. If not, check back in a couple of months for a more stable version.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ritwik Bose , Answer Author : Quantumgeek

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