How can I get the potion in “Thirsty”, level 46 of Spelling Jungle?

Like in this question, I’m trying to get a difficult-to-reach potion here (the blue one towards the right side of the level). However, I’m not sure it’s actually possible to get this one.


It looks like I might be able to throw a bridge from above it (beside the T) but I need the bridge to get back across the water after getting the letters on the left side. I can’t see any way to use the rock to get back across, since it falls into the pit when you cross over the first time. Oh, and I checked — there are no invisible platforms over the pits.

Is it possible to get this potion? If so, how?


There is a fairly comprehensive guide here which explains how to get most of the potions BUT makes no mention of how to get the one in question.

Based on that and the fact that it looks to be impossible I’m going to say that you cant.

It may be worth suggesting that it could be a joke on behalf of the game makers that the level “Thirsty” contains a drink you cannot get.

Source : Link , Question Author : Matthew Read , Answer Author : Jacxel

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