How can I improve framerate of Minecraft client?

I’m a happy Minecraft player. I place my blocks, mine my coal, and generally nobody gets hurt. Lately though, those mean creepers have been sneaking up on me from behind, and killing me. Why? Because my framerate is so darn low.

Adjusting the graphics option (Fancy to Fast) and the render distance help, but they are not enough. I have seen mention of outside optimizations and programs that people have made/used. What hacks, tricks, and mean mods can I use to improve my Minecraft FPS?


There are a number of mods that claim to improve FPS in Minecraft. My experience is limited to OptiFine (an updated version of Optimine from around version 1.2) on 1.8.1, but I do see a very significant improvement in my FPS. Although it’s a bit non-specific, I have seen my FPS on a Mac go from completely unplayable to very smooth.

OptiFine (Minecraft Forum Link) reworks a number of rendering details to improve Minecraft performance (+20fps). Many people go crazy about it on the forum, others say that it just doesn’t work so YMMV.

Last I heard, Notch was actually including some of these optimizations into Minecraft proper.

Keep in mind that any Minecraft mod that’s not a skin requires you to patch the Minecraft code itself and thusly may not be compatible with other mods or your Minecraft version.

Source : Link , Question Author : Connor Albright , Answer Author : authenticgeek

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