How can I improve my melee skills in TF2?

I have real trouble trying to use the melee weapons in Team Fortress 2. I always seem to miss. Are there any tips for making good use of the melee weapons, or what can I do to train this skill?


You can always play in offline mode and hone your melee skills vs. the computer players there. While they wont mimic the true skills of people you meet online, it’s better than nothing at all.

Additionally, learn the different speeds, ranges and hit timing of each weapon. You can swing the scout bat much faster than the heavy can punch, for example. The demoman’s “Eyelander” sword has a much larger range than most weapons and can hit from what feels like a non-melee distance, compared to most other classes melee that requires you to be much closer. Also, each weapon has a slightly different “delay” between when you click and when the swing actually has the window to connect. It’s minor, but worth getting a feel for.

Lastly, learn your limits. It’s not wise to melee certain classes if avoidable. Pyros and heavies are dangerous targets to melee, and scouts tend to be too fast to hit reliably in melee range.

Source : Link , Question Author : C. Ross , Answer Author : TheQ

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