How can I increase my chances of getting cancer?

In a recent Binding of Isaac playthrough I encountered an item which I had not seen before. It was called “Cancer”, and it seemed to increase my DPS considerably. However, since then I have only gotten cancer rarely.

Is there any technique or method I can use to increase my chances of getting cancer?


Honestly, it’s all down to luck. The factors that define what you get and where are completely random. First off, when you start, the computer “rolls a dice”, and depending on what you get between 1 and 7 defines your luck (item find, possibility of getting curses etc.). 1 being “Curse of the dark” every time, 7 being amazing items in every gold room, arcades on every floor, etc.

Also there are items that certain characters start with like the 6-sided die, that allow you to re-roll gold room and shop items.

However, the best place to get Cancer with the highest drop chance is Mystic Slots. Other than that, cross your fingers and pray to Pinocchio.

Source : Link , Question Author : absinthe , Answer Author : Ben

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