How can I kill an enemy under mind control?

I was in a mission and had only one soldier with moves left and a berserker. Since I couldn’t kill it with just one shot I mind controlled it. Then on the next 4 turns I got stuck with it, waiting for the mind control to wear off so I could kill it.

And when the mind control wears off, the alien gets one turn to act before I can kill it, when it can hurt me.

Is there a way to make a mind controlled alien to commit suicide or kill it while it’s under my control without the use of explosives, and without rushing it head first to the enemy lines?

The reason for the limitations are:

  • that weapon fragments are hard to find, and I don’t want to waste them by killing it with explosives.
  • Explosives can run out.
  • Happened several times that the controlled alien is the last alien alive, and until it’s dead the mission will not finish.


No, you can’t directly attack mind-controlled aliens without explosives. You can try and move out of range so that it will have to spend its turn closing in on you, giving you a free shot, or putting it into a disadvantageous position, such as being out in the open while surrounded by several of your operatives in high cover on overwatch). If there is fire on the map you may try to roast it alive, but it probably won’t contirbute significant damage.

Note that a mind-controlled alien dying, explosives* or not, will result in its equipment being given to you at the end of mission, as if it was actually part of your squad. Also, higher-end enemies tend to have grenades or, in the case of Ethereals, an AOE psi attack, so you don’t have to waste your own explosives killing them. For example, 3 perfectly healthy Elite Mutons under mind control can be made to kill themselves by having them huddle together and throw grenades at their own feet.

*In Enemy Within, explosives will destroy the equipment of mind-controlled aliens if they kill the alien (but not if they only wound it).

Source : Link , Question Author : SIMEL , Answer Author : kotekzot

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