How can I kill puppies without consequences?

The starting pets can sometimes get quite annoying, since they keep getting in your way. Those little dogs keep blocking my path! Therefore, I quite reasonably want to slaughter them brutally. But of course I want to do this safely.

I’ve noticed that whenever I kill my pet, I “hear the rumble of distant thunder.” I’m assuming my gods are angry in some way, or some of my stats are somehow negatively affected.

Therefore, is there a way to kill my pet without any negative side effects?


As you guessed, killing your pet either directly or via some indirect actions (such as displacing it into a body of water) can potentially anger your god or affect your stats. However, yes, there are a few ways that you can separate yourself from your pet, with no negative consequences:

  • Abandon it by changing floors while it’s more than one square away from you.
  • Let it get killed in combat with a tough dungeon monster. The Gnomish Mines are a pretty good early-game place to find such monsters.
  • Let it get caught in a trap (often easier to do by accident than on purpose)
  • Dip or quaff from a fountain, and let it get killed by the monsters that may appear
  • Use a scroll of genocide (unlikely and incredibly wasteful)

All that said, you may want to reconsider. If you let them get enough XP to level up properly, even your starting pets can become incredibly powerful, and will be very helpful to you in combat during the earlier parts of the game. If you’re getting annoyed with your pet’s movement patterns, using a leash (if you can find one) will keep your pet closer to you, and keep it from moving quite so erratically. Additionally, later into the game there are some incredibly powerful dungeon monsters that you can tame to be your pet as well, which can be a huge benefit.

Source : Link , Question Author : Doorknob , Answer Author : CloudyMusic

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