How can I know if a Pokemon has reached its final stage of evolution in Pokemon Go?

If there is no “Evolve” button on a Pokemon, is it at its highest form? How do you know when it can’t evolve anymore?


In Pokemon Go you cannot evolve a Pokemon that is in its final evolution
(disregarding mega-evolution from other Pokemon games and anime).

  • You know a Pokemon is in its highest evolved state if there is no Evolve button.
  • You can learn the total possible levels of evolution in the Pokédex entry. It shows the existence of all evolution levels, (although those not yet seen show up as nameless shadows). This offers more detail than the “main” Pokemon page, as it allows you to see if there are multiple possible evolutions beyond yours, as well as lower-evolved forms.

Here is a table of all the Pokemon evolutions however only Generation 1 and Generation 2 Pokemon (i.e. the first 251 Pokemon of the National Pokedex) are currently available in Pokemon Go.

Source : Link , Question Author : newbie , Answer Author : Robotnik

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