How can I make a villager have an… “accident”?

I have a populous village now but I am not interested in the villagers’ trading options. I’d like to make sure some of them have an unfortunate “accident” so they can be replaced.

Obviously CSI: Minecraft can’t draw anything back to me lest I feel the wrath of an Iron Golem or two.

How can I pull this off selectively (i.e., as specific to a villager of my choice as possible)?


I just tested these two options in my village right next to an Iron Golem, and he didn’t bat an eye…

  • Use a flint and steel to light the spot on the ground below them on fire, being careful not to hit them by accident. Then just let ’em burn. Oh, and be careful not to set anything else on fire when you do it. If anything else nearby catches, just punch it to extinguish it.

  • You can gently nudge villagers where you want them to go, so you could dig a 2-block deep hole next to the “mark”, nudge them into the hole, then quickly drop a couple of sand or gravel blocks down on them from above to suffocate them.

Source : Link , Question Author : fbrereto , Answer Author : gnovice

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