How can I make my tools last longer in Minecraft?

Are there any methods/practices to have my tools in minecraft last longer besides:

  • Only Using a tool for its intended purpose (EX: Axe is to wood, pick is to ore, shovel is to dirt/gravel, etc)
  • Upgrading the type of tool to diamond
  • Being in creative-mode.

Sidenote: I am rather new to minecraft, and would like my tools to last as long as possible. Also, I am referring to survival mode only.



The unbreaking enchantment will make your tools last longer by adding a chance that using it will not decrease its durability.


Placing two of the same tool in the crafting window will combine them into one item with 10% (of the original maximum) more uses! The two original tools must also be made of the same material.

Warning: Repairing enchanted items will cause any enchantments to vanish!

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