How can I make the original Dwarf Fortress tileset square?

I have already gotten used to the default tileset of Dwarf Fortress, so I do not wish to change it a lot. That is exactly what most Dwarf Fortress tilesets do, though.

My problem with the default tileset is that it is taller than it is wide, which makes things seem taller than they really are. Is there any way to make the tiles square instead?


Dwarf fortress already has a square tileset available to you. Simply access your DF graphics folder and copy the name of the square tileset. Then search either init text files (in the DF folder) for the tileset option (it’ll have the base tileset name so you could copy that files name from the graphics folder to accelerate your search). Once you’ve found it, replace the existing entry with the name of the square tileset and voila, original DF look with square tiles.

Source : Link , Question Author : Doorknob , Answer Author : Shplody

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