How can I pass the “No Looking” challenge?

While exploring the castle, sometimes a Fairy Chest can be found randomly. Each one of these have a different challenge to pass to let you loot them. Most are fairly self-explanatory, with the exception of the “No Looking” objective.

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I’ve understood that I have to get to the chest without looking at it, but how?


This are the steps to do this challenge:

  1. Face the opposite direction then the chest and jump up.
  2. a) Press the attack button and then quickly press back. Repeat untill you reach the chest then open it

    b) Keep pressing the button for dashing to the right. You will dash right without turning around (Dash rune required!).

Note that:

  • You have to press back right after attack and that if you hold back button for too long your character will change direction and face the chest which will make you fail the objective

  • You can’t do this if you have Flexible Trait because that trait makes you turn around when trying this method

Source : Link , Question Author : Kappei , Answer Author : Kaz Dragon

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