How can I prevent Gaming Sickness?

Some gamers call me a wimp, but games like Spyro send me reeling and running for the bathroom in a matter of minutes. I get a massive headache, nausea, and sick to my stomach. I can play Portal, Ape Escape, Ico, Shadow of the Collosseus for longer. I think the problem has to do with the free-floating (or controllable) camera.

Is there a way to still play these games and not get sick?


Among other things, you may be sensitive to:

  • frame rate
  • strobing or shifting colors
  • sensation of movement
  • disparity between visual and other sensory input

Depending on your platform and environment you probably don’t have much control over these. You can try the following, but as David said you should probably consult with your doctor also.

  • Don’t play in a dark room – leave a lamp or other soft light on
  • Position your chair and screen so that you’re sitting comfortably and looking directly ahead at the screen
  • Play with whatever visual settings are available to maximize frame rate and minimize visual strobing
  • Back up a bit so that the screen doesn’t dominate your vision. This has two effects – it minimizes the sensory conflict, and also minimizes your awareness of screen refresh/frame rate

Source : Link , Question Author : rlb.usa , Answer Author : Community

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