How can I prevent my chest from being sat on?

Cats will now sit on chests, beds, and furnaces until you give them a fish. While a cat is sitting on a chest, the chest cannot be opened. Is there any way I can prevent a cat from sitting on a chest while still being able to open the chest?


See the list of items here where you can still open the chest.

  • Liquids: Water and Lava.
  • Plants: Leaves, Cactus (With a water source block on top), and Farmland.
  • Translucent Blocks: Glass, Slabs, Stairs, Monster Spawner, Snow, Ice, Fence, Cake, Beds, Glowstone, and Chests.
  • Non-Blocks: Torch, Redstone Torch, Redstone Wire, Redstone Repeater, Pressure Plates, Lever, Ladders, Rails, and Sign.

I personally like Fences because you can make a nice checkerboard pattern of chests and fences

The other solution is to place your chests in the ceiling with another block empty above them; nothing can get on top to sit on them.

Source : Link , Question Author : Community , Answer Author : Andrew Wonnacott

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