How can I prevent someone with a stolen device from accessing my village?

A year back my iPod got stolen. On the ipod I had Clash of Clans and as a result I decided to use a “Find my iPhone” app and check the box where it says “erase all data and personal info from this iPod once it gets connected to wifi”.

My problem is that now that I have a new phone and am still playing Clash of Clans with the same account. It seems, though, that someone has access to my village because when i get on the game I have my army camps full of goblins and stuff like that.

I need help on how to solve this because I have spent 100 dollars so far on this base and I really don’t want to erase it. Is there something I can do to keep the other person out of my account/village?


You write a message to SuperCell and they will ask you some info like below

  • When did you start playing on this account?
  • Where (which city) did you create the account?
  • When did you notice that your account was compromised?
  • What device(s) do you use to play the account?

Source : Link , Question Author : user72200 , Answer Author : Jake Symons

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