How can I quickly tell whether I own a different version of the same game on Steam?

I have way too many Steam games. As a result I don’t always remember which ones I have when browsing their fantastical sales, and more than once I’ve tried to check out only to have it warn me that I already own the game and am wasting my time.

Recently I noticed that on the game pages they now tell you whether or not you own the game. This is excellent and is sure to save me some time. There’s one problem though: It doesn’t tell me whether I own a different version of the same game. For example I own the standard Civilization 5 edition, and on the page for the GOTY edition it doesn’t tell me that I own the other version. (It doesn’t warn you at checkout either.)

I’ve resorted to opening a separate browser tab to my All Games list and manually typing in part of the title to check whether I have the game. Is there something quicker than this? Ideally I would just go to the game page and it would say right there that I own a different version of it, just like the same-version warning, but I’m open to other solutions.


The fact that you don’t even get a warning at checkout means Steam considers them different games. Therefore there is no way it would tell you you own it already.

Source : Link , Question Author : Matthew Read , Answer Author : ver

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