How can I reliably find a police car?

I often like driving police cars in games. Usually I can find one at a police station or simply spawn one in. Neither of these seems to be an option in Watch underscore Dogs.

How can I reliably get a police car, preferably without messing with police chases?


I confirm the information in @Timot_lambo answer, but I feel like a screenshot of the location on the map is required, because youtube videos come and go, but screenshots stay forever.
Credit goes to @Timot_lambo for the video he provided
location of police cars
There is also certain fixer mission that leads you to a police station with 3 police cars parked. Unfortunately, in free roam the parking lot seems to have random cars. I’m not sure if you can start the mission, take the police car and quit mission while keeping the car, because once you finish the fixer mission, you can’t re-do it (at least I don’t know how?).
Fixer mission

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