How can I respec my badass rank bonus stats?

So the bonus stats you get for your badass rank is shared and accumulated amongst all your characters. So each character has their own level and stats while your badass rank is like your level (as a player) and your the stats you gain are given to all your characters.

This is great and I love the idea but I accidentally used up one of my badass tokens on a stat I didn’t want.

Is it possible to respec my badass rank bonus points so I can use my badass tokens on abilities that I do want? How can I do it?

Just to be clear, I don’t necessarily want to be able to use all my tokens on one single stat, I just want to be refunded all my tokens so I can start building up my stats again. And that includes being limited to choosing 1 of 5 (random?) stats per token.


The answer is NO, you can’t. There is no feature to reset them.

Also i did check and it seems those stats are stored on remote servers and not your local machine, so we can’t just tweak a file either. (As best as i could find.)

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeff Mercado , Answer Author : Draken

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