How can I safely explore far away from my spawn point?

I originally built a nice fortification just up the hill from my spawn point for convenience (yes, I do die every once in a while), but now that I’ve used efficient mining to clear out a good chunk of the adminite-level directly below I need to move to a new base so I can start fresh. This means surface exploration!

Basing myself somewhere far away from my spawn point seems pretty dangerous. It could easily take me five minutes to walk back to a remote base/death if I was far enough away – that is, if I could find it. Even longer if it is dark out when I respawn.

How can I explore the surface safely? This may include keeping track of my location, speed of travel and, of course, maximizing awesome scenery.


Well, you could build a minecart system to go to/from your spawn to wherever you want to go. It could get expensive in powered rails though.

Or you could mark the way using torches, large structures, or (if you have a lot of diamond to spare) beacons. Make heavy use of signs.

If you do get lost exploring, building a compass will point you back to your original spawn point.

By far the easiest way is to use portals though, go to the Nether, erect another portal a short distance away, and you will be hundreds of blocks from your original spawn point!

Source : Link , Question Author : authenticgeek , Answer Author : BlueRaja – Danny Pflughoeft

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