How can I satisfy a part testing contract?

I’ve been flying a few contracts now that the contracts update has been released. I notice in my contract bar that all of the checkmarks for a contract are green, however I am not awarded the contract completion.

Specifically in contracts where the request is “test this engine at this height at this altitude” if I wait until I land and recover the vessel, the checkmarks for the contract go back to clocks rather than checks, indicating that the game is still waiting for the objectives to be completed.

Is there some method to claim the contract from the air or otherwise trigger “Hey, I’m done this!” so that those types of contracts will complete?


To satisfy a contract you must activate the stage with the component to be tested while all the check marks are green. The check marks simply indicate that the conditions are right to start the test. Once you activate the stage you should be awarded the contract and that is instant. Recovery of the vehicle is not required for the contract, although you do recover funds.

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter Grace , Answer Author : NA Slacker

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