How can I see deep underground?

Is there a way to see other than switching to flashlight when mining deep underground?


There are two primary methods I use.

1) Craft a bunch of torches and drop them along the way. They have a fairly large light radius but you will still need a hefty supply of them if you’re doing any extended mining.

2) Craft the Lantern Stick. You wear this on your back and while it gives off a much smaller light radius than torches, it has the benefit of letting you just dig away like mad without ever having to switch over to torches and drop them. Particularly useful when you’re just digging a hole straight down. Also operates while underwater, unlike torches. However, I don’t think this recipe appears until after you craft the first star map upgrade, so you’ll have to get by with torches until then.

Source : Link , Question Author : lotirthos227 , Answer Author : Sterno

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