How can I set a widescreen resolution?

I am trying to play Command & Conquer: Generals on a laptop with a native resolution of 1600×900 but the game doesn’t appear to support any custom or widescreen resolutions. All of the resolutions in game appear to have an aspect ratio of 4:3, leaving large black bars down either side of the screen.

How do you run Command & Conquer: Generals in a custom widescreen resolution?


In order to set a custom resolution, simply perform the following steps;

  • Start the game for the first time
  • Change the resolution from the default 800×600
  • Exit the game
  • Inside your My Documents folder, you will find a Command and Conquer Generals Data folder
  • Inside this folder you will find a file called Options.ini, edit this file
  • Find the line that says Resolution = and change the value from whatever it is to whatever you want

For example, for a resolution of 1600×900, you will want to set the Resolution = line to Resolution = 1600 900.

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