How can I speed up recovery from “shaken”?

I just took down the Assassin’s stronghold. It was a very long mission (25 turns), so despite everyone being fully rested at the beginning of the mission, my entire squad was tired and two-thirds was shaken or wounded, leaving me with only one available soldier above the rank of Lieutenant, and no available specialists.

I’m a bit worried about this. I don’t mind doing a few missions with my B-squad, but I have a retaliation strike coming up in 2 weeks that will have chrysalids in it. I’d really prefer to have my medic and Bladestorm ranger for that.

The timer on “shaken” will last just slightly longer than the retaliation timer as-is. Staffing the Infirmary has no effect, and scanning at Templar HQ doesn’t seem to do much to it. How can I reduce the time that soldiers need to recover from this?


There is a templar resistance order called Noble Cause that can boost the will recovery speed of all soldiers by 20%.

Unfortunately, you can only assign this at the end of each month so it may not be possible in your situation.

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