How can I stop a worker destroying my town?

Playing Civ IV yesterday I got fed up with micromanaging my workers and turned one to automatic. I quite frequently do this in the middle game, but this time I happened to notice that it made a beeline for one of my towns and started converting it to a watermill. I wouldn’t have minded it converting a cottage, even a hamlet, but a town?

Is there any way I can stop this, other than never letting my workers go fully automatic?


There is an option, under one of the menu screens (I don’t have the game on this computer, so unfortunately I can’t doublecheck where exactly) that does exactly what you seek:

“Automated workers leave existing improvements”

Which means once you’ve gotten your cities generally where you want them, you can automate the workers, who will finish up, build roads, etc, all the while leaving your own hand-placed improvements.

Source : Link , Question Author : DJClayworth , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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