How can I stop monsters invading my mine/tunnels?

I have been playing Terraria for a few hours now, and have a reasonable sized mine underneath my house. It is well lit and I have never had any monsters spawn inside or even near me while in there – however when I am descending into my mine I often find zombies dropping down and landing on my head..

One thing that was suggested is that they are spawning in side tunnels off from my main shaft, but I don’t have any!


Chances are they are spawning above you in the mine. Any kind of wall (stone or wood) except dirt will stop monsters spawning. I believe the walls are what stop monsters spawning unlike Minecraft’s light level system.

If you’ve just dug straight into the earth, use the hammer to remove the dirt walls and replace with stone.

The other option is there is a blood moon on and the zombies broke through your house.

Source : Link , Question Author : soulBit , Answer Author : The Communist Duck

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