How can I stop nauseous animals from vomiting everywhere?

I have a rather…unpleasant problem in Dwarf Fortress. Currently, over half of my animals are “Nauseous” and are…regurgitating everywhere. This widespread case of emesis doesn’t seem to involve my dwarves who I’ve been protecting against cave adaptation pretty well due to the lack of goblin ambushes. Does anyone know how this might have started or how to fix it?

Is it just that Fluffy was weak-stomached when Urist McBruisedguts came to the hospital after a battle that lead to a domino effect of animals being grossed out? Is it some seasonal animal flu? They’re walking around fine, just leaving green trails…all over my food stockpiles, hospital, barracks, above-ground farms, workshops, mega-pile, and everywhere else…

Should I lock them all in a room and send in the Hazmat team after/if it passes? Should I have an animal genocide and hope Urist McAxelord doesn’t go berserk? Should I just assign all my dwarves to just cleaning to try to stop the possible domino effect going on?

EDIT: 49 out of 106 animals are nauseous. Here’s a screen shot of my dining room/kitchen/food stockpiles/bedrooms to help you realize the severity of this problem: Linky (Yes, I know it doesn’t actually affect gameplay any.)


If you just want to fix it (i.e., remove all the piles of vomit) you can download DFHack and use the “clean” subprogram to remove all contaminants on the map. Works on blood, dye, snow, vomit, and ichor, I think.

If you do that and your animals remain nauseous, you might have some underlying cause.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ullallulloo , Answer Author : Raven Dreamer

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