How can I tell if a horse likes me?

In RDR, how can I tell which horse I have? There doesn’t seem to be any menu for it. Do I have to go entirely by the pictures on the wiki site? That doesn’t seem like very good game design to rely on a strategy guide or 3rd party website.

Also, they said the horse would get more attached to me over time, and way back at McFarland ranch i remember getting status messages that this was happening, but now it doesn’t happen anymore? Is there a screen that would show me how the horse is feeling?


Identifying the breed of the horse is done by sight alone. If you review the deeds in the general store, they’ll give you a description of how the breed looks. Beyond that, pictures on game guides are your best bet.

If you’re not purchasing the deed from a general store, you will have to determine the quality by the appearance of the horse. Skinny mounts are 1-star mounts, large mounts with tons of muscles are 3-star mounts, and anything in the middle is a 2-star mount.

The only indication I know of in terms of loyalty is an increase in your horses overall stamina as it becomes more loyal. There is no in-game menu that shows this information, much to the chagrin of the community:

Source : Link , Question Author : LoveMeSomeCode , Answer Author : Shaun

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