How can I tell if a stalker is going to kill me?

Every once in a while, a templar stalker will come and attempt to take my life (and will always be unsuccessful ;).

Are there any conditions for when they do attack me? Is it completely random? Is there any way for me to see them nearby so I can attack first?

The last time I was attacked, I noticed that I’m still completely secret from the templars. I don’t remember how aware they were of me the other times.


I have been attacked by stalkers in crowds, on rooftops, and in deserted corners of the city. I have been attacked by stalkers with an empty Templar awareness meter, and a full one. I have gone hours and hours without seeing one, and then gotten several almost back to back to back.

As far as I can tell, it’s either totally random, or it’s planned to look like it’s totally random.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jeff Mercado , Answer Author : hairboat

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