How can I tell if a Steam game syncs my saved games to the Steam Cloud?

I’ve already seen this question and this one, but neither explicitly tells me whether a particular game syncs saved game files to the Steam Cloud.

Do all Steam games with Steam Cloud enabled automatically sync your saved games?
Are there some games that don’t?
How can I tell which are which?

I ask because I’m about to go on a bloodthirsty purge of my locally-installed Steam games, and I don’t want to lose my saves. The Steam Cloud seems like a perfect option (redownload the game, get all your saves back at the same time), but I don’t want to accidentally delete a game and then later discover “Oh, by the way, we didn’t sync your saves, but we did sync your graphics preferences! Ha ha!


Currently, after latest games library UI update (November 2019), you can find that in game details:

  1. Select a game on the list
  2. Click ‘Show more details’ button
  3. If the game supports Cloud Saves, the appropriate information will be listed in details somewhere under the button
    enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Steve V. , Answer Author : miszczu

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