How can I tell if my Wii Remote is counterfeit? (with pics)

I bought a refurbished Wii and I felt the remotes were not performing as well as I remembered them. So I started looking up the net and it seems that counterfeit Wii remotes that look quite like the original are a “thing”. I weighed them and they are 80g with the strap, which is indeed a bit light according to some sources. To make sure I opened one and it does not look like the pics I see from genuine Wii remotes. But just to make sure Nintendo has not changed the designed and I am looking at older pics only, could you guys weigh-in and tell me if I am right and these are knock-offs?


EDIT: I also see that the sensitivity setting for the sensor bar appears to do nothing when used with these remotes. Supposedly changing the sensitivity affects the IR sensitivity of the remote, but from min to max it makes no difference. I guess that’s a way to tell a counterfeit, right?

Wii Remote PCB
Wii Remote

Edit 2: I contacted the seller and he did not debate at all, he told me he is sending two replacement remotes. Thanks for the answers, not sure which one I should “accept”.


It’s definitely not an official Nintendo remote, unless there’s a regional manufacturing difference I’m unaware of.

There’s no Wii logo!

Do a Google image search for “wii remote” and look at the bottom.

It is not “counterfeit”. If it were, it would have the Wii logo.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ecuador , Answer Author : user428517

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