How can I tell what diseases I have?

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So I contract a disease, and people are telling me I look sick, but I don’t know what disease I have or how it affects me. I don’t see it anywhere under ‘General Stats’.

How can I tell what disease I’ve contracted?


Basically, what you can do is go under the main menu, select the magic tab and click Active Effects. If you currently have a disease, the effects will show up here in red (connoting a negative effect). Here are the diseases that you can contract in Skyrim as per the Elder Scrolls Wiki:

  • Ataxia: Lockpicking & Pickpocket become 25% harder. This disease is contracted from traps and Skeevers.

  • Black Heart Blight (Dragonborn DLC only): Drains 10 points from carry weight.

  • Bone Break Fever: -25 Stamina. Contracted from Traps, Bears.

  • Brain Rot: -25 Magicka. Contracted from Traps, Hagraven

  • Droops (Dragonborn DLC only): One-handed and two-handed weapon damage is 15% lower. Contracted from Ash Hoppers.

  • Rattles: Stamina recovers 50% slower. Contracted from Traps and Chaurus

  • Rockjoint: 25% less effective with melee weapons. Contracted from Traps, Wolves and Foxes

  • Sanguinare Vampiris: -25% health, progresses to Vampirism. Contracted from Vampires

  • Witbane: Magicka recovers 50% slower. Contracted from Traps and Sabrecat.

  • Lycanthropy: Transformation into a Werewolf.

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