How can I tell whether Pokémon were hacked/cheated?

I have been playing Pokemon Diamond a few years ago and I remember that I have some pokemon which were cheated. A while ago I purchased Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon Y and wanted to get all my old pokemon to the newest edition, in this case Y.

Before doing so I would like to find out which pokemon were legitimately catched or acquired via events and which ones were cheated. Is there any service or way to do so?


There is in fact an online tool called Pokécheck which emulates the GTS to capture information about your Pokémon. It works by changing the wireless settings of your DS to make the game connect to the other server, after which you upload the Pokémon you want to check (it won’t be removed from your game, so there’s no risk of losing anything).

It also features a legality analysis which attempts to determine if the Pokémon is likely to have been hacked (and why it thinks so).

This is necessarily not 100% accurate – one possible flag is the EV distribution, which can just be a matter of careful planning – but it should give you a point in the right direction for the Pokémon you’re concerned about.

Source : Link , Question Author : Christian Ivicevic , Answer Author : Michael Madsen

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