How can I turn off my TV without turning off my PS3?

I’ve got it set up so the PS3 and TV communicate via HDMI and turning one or the other on/off turns them both on/off.

If I’m in the middle of a video game (and paused) I can turn off the TV without the console shutting down. However, if I’m just at the downloads management screen I can’t.

Is there a way to temporarily disable the HDMI communication? I’d rather not have to go into the settings for something so simple, but that’s probably easier than then RL hack I’ve been using of pulling the HDMI cable out while I power off the TV.


According to the online user guide, there is an apparent way to circumvent the PS3’s shutdown:

Even when [On] is selected, this
feature (HDMI Control) may not be available in the
following cases:

  • When using certain features of the PS3™ system, such as gameplay or video
  • When the PS3™ system is not selected as the input source for the TV.

So it would seem that changing the TV’s input before shutting it down should leave your Playstation running.

Source : Link , Question Author : aslum , Answer Author : Community

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