How can I write a trigger to detect when a terran building burns to its death? (Starcraft 2)

I’m working with Starcraft 2 Map Editor, and am having a little bit of a trigger problem.

It’s quite easy to detect when a specific unit kills a structure (simply check if triggering unit == whatever) but I’m not quite sure how to tell when a building dies to to either fire (terran buildings) or bleeding out (zerg buildings when off creep).

What condition should I be looking for in my “a unit dies” trigger to see if one of those two situations occured?

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There is a behavior for Terran buildings that applies the burning effect periodically if the building’s health is below 1/3. To see if a building is killed by this effect, you could do this:

    Unit - Any Unit takes Fatal Any damage (from Any effects)
Local Variables
    (Damaging effect) == BurndownDamage (Unnamed)
    (Unit type of (Triggering unit)) == <building>

Edit: I forgot the zerg building part, but it’s exactly the same but with a different effect:

    (Damaging effect) == ZergBuildingNotOnCreepDamage (Unnamed)

Source : Link , Question Author : Raven Dreamer , Answer Author : BarakatX2

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