How can my friend and I play TF2 against bots?

How can I setup TF2 so that two players (myself and someone inexperienced with FPS) can both play in a map against bots, but not people.

I guess I need to hunt through the internet list trying to find servers that are populated and checking namelists to see if they look like bots.

The offline practice probably won’t work as that looks like single player.

Any advice on how best to do this, or just tips to make finding a server on the internet list like this a bit easier would be greatly appreciated.

We’re on the same LAN, so maybe there’s a way of hosting a LAN game that both me & the other person can join?


Here is an instruction on how to create a server and put bots on it:

  1. Make sure you have the port 27015 accessible for connections.
    How? Look here.
  2. Open the game console.
    How? Options⇨Keyboard⇨Advanced…⇨Enable developer console. Press ~ / ` to open the console at any time.
  3. Optional Type sv_lan 0 if you want the game to be public, or sv_lan 1 for LAN only.
    Public server is recommended
  4. Type map <mapname>, replacing <mapname> with the name of the map you want to play.
    Or press the [+] to the right of BROWSE SERVERS in main menu instead.
  5. Optional If the server is public and you don’t want anyone to intrude, you can set a password:
    Type sv_password <pass>, replacing <pass> with some simple password.
    (e.g. sv_password 1234)
  6. Set the bot difficulty: tf_bot_difficulty <x>, where <x> is from 0 (the easiest) to 3.
    (e.g. tf_bot_difficulty 0)
  7. Add bots: tf_bot_add <team> <class>
    <team>: red | blue
    <class>: scout | soldier | pyro | demoman | heavyweapons | engineer | medic | sniper | spy
    (e.g. tf_bot_add blue heavyweapons)
    To remove all bots: tf_bot_kick all

Here are some ways for your friend to connect. If one fails, try the next one.

  • Join the game via Steam.
    In Steam Friends list press ▼ and Join Game.
  • In console: connect <ip>:27015, where <ip> is your (server’s) IP address.
    (e.g. connect
  • Try the same thing with your (server’s) local IP address (find it in Windows/Linux)

If nothing works, see the step 1 of server creation instruction.

Source : Link , Question Author : Durathor , Answer Author : Robotnik

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