How can we make it easy for a poor communicator to convey tactical information to us quickly? [closed]

My friends and I play Call of Duty Zombies modes on the PS3/PS4. We play with a headset for communication, which greatly helps us get to higher levels. Another friend just bought a console as well, but he has a stutter/stammer which affects his ability to communicate tactical information.

Has anyone got any tips how we can help him to convey information to us quickly?

For example, we can tell him to avoid certain rooms because we’re passing through them, but in reverse this is quite difficult, because by the time he gets the point across (e.g. “get in the elevator”), we’re miles away.

I appreciate this isn’t a typical Arqade question, but we’d really appreciate some tips!


I used to play zombies with people without mics, and even a stutter isn’t anywhere near as slow as pausing to type out a message (which is doable if you’re really used to it, but not recommended). My friends and I had a few strategies to avoid this, most of which applied to any games we played.

  1. Try to establish as much strategy as possible before playing so you can minimize the need for rapid communication. If everybody knows what to do, you can avoid needing to talk to make changes to your game plan. This is particularly effective once you’ve played a few times and everybody falls into the routine (e.g. Mr. Brown and Mr. Pink cover the windows, Mr. Blue watches the doors, Mr. White cleans up the extras and helps anybody knocked down. At level five, everybody get to the elevator and start running laps).
  2. Let the people with better communication handle more variable roles. If somebody needs to go look for something or deviate from the plan, have one of the more vocal players do it so they can keep you updated, and assume that the rest of the group is carrying out business as usual. Similarly, if you want a “shot-caller” to make decisions for the group, it’s probably best that a more vocal player does this (although I could understand how somebody with a stutter might get upset if they feel they’re stuck in particular roles, you might want to think about how you approach this).
  3. As others have said, try to get communication whittled down to convey information as efficiently as possible. I don’t know much about stutters, but if short words are easier then assign them for whatever you need. Most game maps tend to have something distinct in each area to help players orient themselves, and it will be easier for everyone if you pick some of these features for calling out locations rather than numbers, Most people will identify “clock” as the room with a big grandfather clock much faster than remembering that it’s supposed to be room eight, or trying to visualize where they are on a compass. This is just useful in general, if you ever watch professional players in a game like Counter Strike they won’t describe each location, but instead have short names that they use (cat, goose, heaven, long, etc.).

Source : Link , Question Author : Danny Beckett , Answer Author : Broneironaut

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