How can you get away with your sixth murder?

This is the sixth room of the How To Get Away With Murder section of the new CotN advanced techniques tutorial:

How do you clear this? Why did the game just give me a golden dagger? What does the green slime have to do with anything?


There has been an update, which made a few changes in the last Codex room :

  • You have a dagger of gold in the start, and no other weapon appears through the entire level.
  • The white skeleton mage has been removed in the last room.
  • The Green slime has been replaced by a yellow scroll

Now, you only have one way to kill the last shopkeeper (sorry Aubergine) :

  • Pick up the yellow scroll
  • Prepare to throw the dagger
  • Use the scroll, your golden dagger is now glowing.
  • On the next beat (or move, for a bard), throw the dagger on the shopkeeper, this will kill him in one hit.

If you use the yellow scroll without preparing to throw the dagger, you will fail to kill the shopkeeper, as the gold weapon’s buff will be canceled when preparing to throw.

Source : Link , Question Author : badp , Answer Author : Anton

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