How do berry mutations work?

So I planted some berries at that farm just before the bridge with Snorlax on it, in the hope of expanding my supply. I watered them, came back the next day and each tree had sprouted nicely. However, some of them had an oddly-coloured berry, which (upon picking) I found out was a berry of an entirely different type altogether.

Some scientist then came up to me, and told me she was ‘researching berry mutations’ and that I should tell her what mutations I find.

My mutation was a Qualot Berry, which (according to the scientist) was made from Oran and Pecha Berries. But how did this happen?

Is it something to do with the way the bushes are planted next to each other, or in a line? Or Is it completely random?

Further to this, What other Berry Mutations can I find?


Well, I feel silly now, I just found a nice guide that sums it up nicely:

…In essence, what this means is that when certain Berries are planted next to each other, there is a chance for 1 or more of those berries to mutate into a entirely different berry

Known Mutations:

  1. Oran + Peacha = Qualot
  2. Iapapa + Mago = Pomeg
  3. Aspear + Leppa = Hondew
  4. Chesto + Persim = Kelpsy
  5. Kelpsy + Wacan = Apicot
  6. Qualot + Tanga = Ganlon
  7. Aguav + Figy = Grepa
  8. Liechi + Ganlon = Kee
  9. Hondew + Yache = Liechi
  10. Salac + Petaya = Maranga
  11. Pomeg + Kasib = Petaya
  12. Grepa + Roseli = Salac
  13. Sitrus + Lum = Tamato


Source : Link , Question Author : Robotnik , Answer Author : Robotnik

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